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    【文章來源】: 企業管理部 【發布時間】: 2022-04-13


      產      量:8萬噸/年

      方 程 式:{CH2-CHCl}n    n=800-1900(n表示平均聚合度)

      分 子 量:55000~115000








    銷售業務員及聯系方式:田曉雨 0483-8182006


    PVC Paste Reain (Polyvinyl Chloride Resin, PVC Paste Resin)

    Capacity:80 Thousand MT/a

    M. F. :[CH2-CHCl]n  n=800-1900 (n:average degree of polymerization)

    M. W. :55000~115000

    Property:Fine granularity,with no fluidity,and the diameter is only 0.1~2μm.The product has high viscosity,solubility,foaming,scraping and coating properties,which with excellent compliance and pellucidity.This kind of resin is usually mixed with auxiliaaries to form paste,and through scraping,dipping and slush molding,then reheating,plasticizing and molding into products.

    Usage:PVC Paste Resin is mainly used in soft materials field of PVC products,it can be applied to coating,impregnating,spraying,foaming and other processing technics,widely used in the production of artificial leather,decorative materials,floor leather,wall paper,industrial belt,sports venues,coatings,adhesives,toys,medical disposable gloves,household decoration materials,electrical instrumentation and electrical tools and other materials and products.

    Quality Standard:GB/T15592

    Package:Modified PE bag,double layer or single layer PE,20Kgs/bag.

    Transport and Storage:It should be stored in a cool and dry place,prevent affected with damp,heating,not be mixed with acid storage and transport.During the transportation and loading,it should be covering and use container,net or containerized pallet.

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